Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bed, Bath and beyond

Dear Marc, I hear you're in Arizona, hope you're doing fine.
I'll be leaving the city too this weekend, going for a short trip to Bath.
It was decided after Anders uttered the highly unlikely words "Emi, what do you say we go to Bath and check out the Jane Austen museum"?

Have you or anyone reading this been to Bath? Know any good hotels? We'll only be staying for one night.


-e, who will soon go see Becoming Jane to get in the spirit. But will an empire cut dress I will not. Did it ever look good on ANYONE? I might run over some dry grass though. Seems that's all they did back in the day, sometimes hurting their ankles. You know I can relate to people with pains below the knees.


Lola is Beauty said...

Been to Bath once - fantastic antique clothing and textiles, but can't remember exactly where, there's some kind of indoor market. Apart from that, no idea - except the famous spa water tastes disgusting!

Mrs Fashion said...

The Queensbury used to be fabulous, and the Royal Crescent Hotel is great - rather posh and rather expensive but worth it as a treat for one night!

Leo said...

Hi e, the museum of costume is in Bath, I went there once, lot's of bustles, you may like it. Check it out here:
Also, if it's a nice day you should walk down to the semi circle and do some people watching:

susanna said...

Oh you lucky girl. I haven't been to Bath - taken many, though! - but I've seen photographs of the place and it looks so pretty. Hope you don't twist your ankle while running in the tall grass. Instead, I hope you get swept off your feet instead!

CreditGal said...

Oh, Bath is a magic sity. Thousands of people visit it and the other millions dream about this. I read much information about this sity and now know exactly - I will go there one day!

Maggie Spicher said...

I can do nothing but just envy you! Dream of visiting such a fabulous place!

javieth said...

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